Rating System

Would you pay full price?

Being an adult is expensive. (And weird. Being an adult is definitely weird.) But we’ve started to ask: Is the cost really worth it?

Gas? Yes. Food? Definitely yes. Musical tickets? No. But yes.

When we realized that our local Regal sold half-price tickets on Tuesdays to their Crown Club Members, we declared Tuesdays our official movie day.

And thus, a rating system was born! Long before we became Cinemaniacs, we rated movies based on whether or not we’d pay full price to see it.

From Fantastic 4 to Mad Max…how good was this film?

Not all films are great. We understand that.

But can someone explain how a film with so much potential ended up so very, very bad?

And by potential, I’m referring to the actors: Miles Teller, Michael B Jordan, Jamie Bell, and Kate Mara. Because FANTASTIC FOUR seems to be impossible to make into a blockbuster hit. This flop, combined with the unexpected hit that was MAD MAX: FURY ROAD, birthed our second rating system. On a scale of FANTASTIC FOUR (0) to MAD MAX: FURY ROAD (10) how good was this film?

As the film industry continues to crank out films in competition for best and worst (I’m looking at you THE HUNTSMAN) this scale is subject to change.